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S&D Movers are a wonderful company. I had an unexpected move towards the end of the month and the company made availability for me. ALLAN & JUSTIN were kind and efficient.
This was my first time using movers and I am so happy I chose S&D. Thank you.
Larissa C.
Yonathan and Carlos were AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for better guys! Everything was easy, from the first email to the actual moving day.
The entire move took about 2.5 hours – with my new apartment being a third floor walkup. I attempted to help, but these guys have their routine down pat so I just stood out of the way. All my furniture, personal belongings and boxes were handled with care and everything arrived in one piece. Highly, highly recommended!

Random cool, side note: I expected them to have to write down my credit card number or call the office for final payment, but they have Square!

I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER WITH MY MOVE. (A concept that is very foreign to us NYC’ers.)

The guys came to my apartment right on time, wrapped furniture items for extra protection, and quickly & carefully loaded all of my things in the van. I could not believe how fast everything was done.

Then I hopped on the subway and met them at my new apartment, where the entire process was quickly completed in reverse.

Their awesome attitudes and HUSTLE blew me away. I was paying by the hour, and they made sure that everything was finished in 1 hour, 59 minutes. It would have been so easy for them to waste a few more minutes and charge me more, but they were outstanding.

EVERYONE should use S&D Moving.

great movers. very efficient. Have used before and am glad they are still in business. I typically use them for small moves, recently found out they do larger moves as well.

keep it up!!!
(and I saw my pic posted)..

Dee E., Yelp Review
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